I cannot find the words to express how grateful I am to have found you and how much you’ve impacted my spiritual journey and my life! You are an angel on earth! Your spiritual guidance is always so helpful and accurate. I am always amazed how wonderful, peaceful, and calm I feel after an energy session with you! Without telling you anything, you immediately pick up on certain physical issues and within minutes, I feel so much better! Literally the heaviness I feel goes away instantly! Thank you for your light, teachings, and healing!

Bridget M.Professional, TX

In my session with Taylor, I was blessed with deeper insight and understanding of my need to accept help in clearing energy blockages. As a minister I find that I have allowed myself to be a repository for energy that does not serve. It was interesting to note that they can occur in the higher realms of our energy system and that often the assistance of a skilled energy intuitive is required. Taylor is not only loving, and intuitive, she is skilled and ever expanding her ability to bless, clear, and rebalance those who come to her for spiritual assistance. I certainly was a blessed recipient and am honored to share this with anyone who desires support from Taylor’s very powerful spiritual gifts and skills.

Elizabeth T.Reverend, FL

Taylor Rose is not only extremely kind and understanding, but she also helps people to unearth parts of themselves that they did not know existed. Not only did she help me with my anxiety and short term issues I had been dealing with , but her positive influence and impactful advice has helped me to deal with long term issues in my life as well. Taylor has taught me to cultivate a relationship with positive energy and the universe , and this has added amazing energy into all aspects of my life. Thank you very much for your help Taylor.

Chelsey P.Student, GA

I went to Taylor for help with balance problems. As I walked, I sometimes felt light-headed or about to lose my balance. Since my one session with Taylor- absolutely no problems! I also got some life direction guidance, quite helpful now that I’m semi-retired. I referred several people to Taylor and all who met with her thanked me. Some had one session, others more. Some had physical problems, others wanted spiritual guidance, and it seems all got help with both!

Dan M.Business Consultant, FL

I came to see you initially out of curiosity-hoping to learn another piece to the puzzle of life. What I got was such a paradigm shift in my entire life… So, I want to thank YOU…very much!

Vicki H.Teacher, FL

I had been experiencing debilitating stomach pains that were not going away, and after ruling out illness, I reached out to Taylor. In a combination of energy work and spiritual guidance sessions, she was not only able to clear the energy of my stomach, but was also able to receive insight that the pain was a result of holding on to past situations. She worked with me to learn how to let go, and since our sessions, the pain is completely gone. I would highly recommend a session with Taylor!

Michael N.Financial Strategist, NY

Taylor, from my first life changing meeting, to every subsequent meeting, my existence has been elevated to a mindful, energy filled life and continues to grow by the day.

Lou F.Retiree, FL

I was at a crossroads in my career and unsure of which way to go; stay in the industry I had been in for a number of years or go in a new direction. Spiritual guidance sessions with Taylor brought the clarity I was searching for. Her insight, wisdom, and vision, are uncanny. I have her on speed dial!

Kris K.Executive, CA

After suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis for a number of years, I contacted Taylor for an energy work session, hoping it would help. After one session, she cleared the energy of the plantar fasciitis and the pain completely subsided. Years later, I am still pain free! Taylor’s gifts are amazing!

Janet R.Educator, MN